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Tingue, Brown & Co. Installs 640 Rooftop Solar Panels And Cuts Energy Costs By 50%

Return On Solar Energy Investment To Shine On Bottom Line

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Saddle Brook, NJ: For a family-owned company supplying laundry and cleaning products for more than a century, supplying clean energy was a natural addition to its product line. Participating in the New Jersey Clean Energy Program, Tingue, Brown & Co., Saddle Brook, NJ, (, has installed 640 solar panels atop the roof of its Saddle Brook corporate headquarters. Slated to generate 131.2 kWh of electricity per year, the solar panel installation is to provide nearly half of the power required to operate the laundry, textile and plastic product manufacturing facility, yielding an instant savings of 50% in electricity costs, according to Tingue, Brown & Co. CFO John Hurst. In addition, the company expects to generate recurring annual income from its power company PSE&G BPU via Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SREC) for contributing the clean energy to the electrical grid. By combining this income with its savings in energy costs and a one-time New Jersey Clean Energy Program rebate, the company expects its significant investment to pay for itself in less than five years based on current energy rates and consumption patterns. After the payback period, the solar energy installation will continue to generate income from the SREC's while saving on electricity costs for years to come.

"This solar energy installation demonstrates that implementing energy conservation, energy-efficiency and other environmentally friendly green programs can be completely compatible with cutting costs," says Mr. Hurst, who started the project three years ago. "Now that there is economic support available for solar, I would encourage other companies to investigate whether it's feasible for their facilities." Part of a long-term, company-wide commitment, the solar energy investment follows the company's investment in energy-efficient lighting in four of its facilities nationwide. The company is also considering installing solar panels on the roof of its Peachtree City, Ga. facility.

For more information, contact John Hurst, Chief Financial Officer, Tingue, Brown & Co., 535 N. Midland Ave., Saddle Brook, NJ 07662; 201.796.4667, Fax: 201.796.5820;;