Volume 8, No. 2

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Now, see what’s hot at the laundry.

Ty Acton, Editor

You Said It!

"We're busy trying to focus on today, on one customer at a time, one laundry at a time and then at the end of the year, we realize another year has gone by and hopefully we can look back and feel proud of our efforts and the results. That we're still doing this after 110 years is both humbling and gratifying."

- David Tingue, on the 110th anniversary of Tingue, Brown & Co.

Custom Sling Bags

Every automated sling system is custom fit to the facility and the sling bags are custom fit to the system. When it's time to replace your bags, get them custom-sized exactly to match the specs of your OEM sling and in the exact materials at a reduced cost.

See details here.

Sling Bag

Our own Jared Addis shows off these TingueSling sling bags. The bags are precisely measured to ensure smooth operation.

Corner Quotables

"Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm."
~ Sir Winston Churchill


"I don't measure a man's success by how high he climbs but how high he bounces when he hits bottom."
~ General George S. Patton


"It is wise to keep in mind that neither success nor failure is ever final."
~ Roger Babson


"A leader is a dealer in hope."
~ Napoleon Bonaparte


"Ours is the only country deliberately founded on a good idea."
~ John Gunther


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Editorial: 110 Isn't Just the Temperature, It's Our Anniversary

I was standing on a wooden milk crate running the clutch of an ironer at Tuskegee Laundry in Alabama while my Dad, Ty Acton, and the laundry manager were working on the ironer. I needed the milk crate because I was only six - and thoroughly enjoying myself. That was the first time I can remember being in a laundry and I was struck by the machinery, the action and the wonderful woman managing the facility at a time when women were rarely hired as managers.

Tingue, Brown & Co.

Much has changed since the 1960's, but think about how much has changed since the first time William J. Tingue put his brand new pads on an ironer when the company was founded back in 1902. The New York Yankees were still called the Baltimore Orioles, the first movie theater had just opened its doors and paper dollars were still redeemed for gold at the U.S. Treasury.

Today, when the media gushes over public companies that have only existed for two or three years, it is all the more impressive that Tingue, Brown & Co. continues to thrive and grow, and remain family-owned and operated - and all the more humbling for all of us.

To all our laundry industry friends and colleagues, a special thanks in celebration of our 110th anniversary.

- Ty Acton

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Latest Innovation I
Guide Tape Surgery Not Covered
By Health Plan

Perma PadIroner workers routinely cut their guide tapes from the roll, then tie them back together, press the green button and return to feeding the ironer. But with every turn of the roll, the weak spot where the tape was knotted grows slightly weaker until it eventually snaps. Then production is halted and the process is repeated.

This is a waste of time and guide tape. For as little as one minute, the cut tapes may be fused together with a fuse gun. The weak point is eliminated and the life of the tape may be doubled and tripled depending on the tape.

With a variety of new and premium quality tapes available, it makes sense to make them last as long as possible. Our newest guide tape is called Poly Greenline. It grips spun polyester linens better than other tapes and guides them from roll to roll without pinching or bunching against the chest.

Exclusively from Tingue, Brown & Co. - check with your rep for a Poly Greenline test - cell phone numbers right here.

Latest Innovation II
New Continuous, Deep Cleansing
Belt Cleaner

Continuous Belt Cleaner

If your ironers haven't been cleaned as often or as well as you had intended then there's probably far more dirt, lint, grime, wax and other contaminants accumulated inside then you might believe. Once or twice per year, or whenever the padding is changed, it is worth bringing in the heavy artillery for deep cleansing.

Our new Continuous Belt Cleaner has an abrasive mesh strip that gets under the rolls to remove far more than cleaning cloths used for daily maintenance. It also has an adjustable, attachment system that uses Velcro to allow the length to be extended or shortened. Whatever the roll diameter or number of ironer rolls, this CBC fits nearly every type, make and model flatwork ironer in use worldwide.

Get more about proper cleaning and lubrication here.

On Listening, Understanding,
Listening... and Listening

Ty Acton

We often host educational conferences to keep our sales team up to date on the latest advances in ironers and other finishing equipment. It's an important part of our training and continuous education program to be sure everyone can quickly – expertly – keep ironers of every make and model running at peak efficiency.

A few weeks ago, we holed up for two days in San Francisco and focused on listening, understanding, and more listening. We've found over the years that listening is truly a skill that can be learned and practiced. It may even be the most effective way to be helpful and useful to our customers, so this year, we've formalized it as part of our training.

A pleasant by-product of our training is I've even found that it carries over away from the laundry and the office. When my kids can see that I'm truly listening they begin to listen better when I talk. If you're interested in applying these concepts to your staff, call me anytime.

Call Ty at 800.829.3864 or email at tacton@tingue.com

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