Volume 8, No. 1

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Now, see what’s hot at the laundry.

Ty Acton, Editor

Talley Acquires
Norman Control Co.

Norman Control

Talley Machinery's state-of-the-art Greensboro, North Carolina plant was already bustling with ironer rebuilds and upgrades. Now Talley is also manufacturing Norman Control equipment, parts and accessories. Call Talley for:

  • Hydraulic lift tables
  • Lighted inspection tables
  • Pneumatic cart dumpers
  • and more

Replacement parts and accessories for Norman Control Co. equipment are in stock and ready for delivery. Call 800.222.9954 for any Norman-related questions.










You Said It!

Chase Laundry

"Talley's people went through great pains to ensure every part fit perfectly, that every gear was aligned perfectly, regardless of the time involved."

– Jon Barry Robbins, Chase Laundry, Goldsboro, N.C.

Did You Know?

sling parts

Replacement parts for sling systems from nearly every manufacturer are in stock ready for same day shipping on orders received by 3 p.m. eastern time. Hooking rings, snap-on hooks, lifting rings, closures, rails and more, plus quick release assemblies provided setup and ready for installation are in the warehouse. Click here for more sling systems parts and services.

Corner Quotables

"Striving for success without hard work is like trying to harvest where you haven't planted."
~ David Bly


"Information is not knowledge."
~ Albert Einstein


"I'm a great believer in luck and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it."
~ Thomas Jefferson


"The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person's determination."
~ Tommy Lasorda


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Rebuilding Ironers Saves Prison
Laundry Money

Excerpted from American Laundry News

Correction Enterprises recently completed the rebuild of three older flatwork ironers at its Chase Laundry plant in Goldsboro, N.C., a move designed to save state taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Chase Laundry employs 13 staffers and manages more than 75 inmates in a 43,000-square-foot facility that is annually responsible for processing an average 5.5 million pounds of inmate rough dry, fluff and finish laundry, as well as state hospital linens.

The plant's aging American Laundry Machinery Hypro flatwork ironers had processed millions of pounds of laundry over more than 30 years in service. Though production rates remained relatively high and linen quality remained acceptable, the ironers had begun showing increasing signs of wear and tear.

"We were having more trouble than we should've been having, but it happened so gradually over so many years that the decline was almost invisible until, suddenly, it was a costly issue," says Jon Robbins, the facility's veteran laundry manager with nearly 40 years of experience.

laundry staffers

While replacement parts were often sourced and installed in-house to keep the ironers operational, it was becoming clear to Director of Laundry Operations Ronald Young and Deputy Director Andrew Artola that the ironers might need to be replaced or completely refurbished.

Through required state purchasing protocol and procedures, Talley Machinery was selected to rebuild the equipment, and a timetable was established.

To avoid disrupting Chase's mid-week operations, Talley's operational staff met with the affected plant manager in advance. A three-man crew arrived on a Thursday evening with a truckload of replacement parts and equipment, including their own grinders, drillers and other machinery for repairing any existing parts that could be reused.

Working straight through to Saturday night, they dismantled the first ironer, checked every part—from the largest rolls to the tiniest drive train components—against the original specifications and determined whether each of the hundreds of parts could be repaired or returned to service, or if it had to be replaced.

The ironer chests were... Click for whole article as pdf.

Latest Innovation I
The Right Springs Support Heat Transfer, Vacuum Efficiency

Perma PadNearly everyone responsible for keeping flatwork ironers up and running knows the importance of placing a layer of metal springs between the roll and the padding. The springs promote even air flow and consistent heat transfer to ensure an even rate of moisture removal without any damp patches. Springs also help compensate for padding as it wears to maintain roll to chest contact.

But not all springs work as well or as long as others.

Our TingueSprings, for example, use a proprietary, square- punched design with perforated bands that promote maximum airflow and allow the vacuum systems to capture and evacuate moisture at peak efficiency.

Check with your rep for TingueSprings installation guidance - cell phone numbers right here.

Latest Innovation II
Sorting Table with Four Wings – New!

cart colors

Now, our sanitary, all-plastic laundry Sorting Table has wings rising from all four sides (optional). The raised wings help corral linens on the table and keep them in easy reach of workers. This model is in use for catching clean linens from slings and for sorting soiled.

See more photos of our new table in action here.

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