Volume 5, No. 2

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Now, see what’s hot at the laundry.

Ty Acton, Editor








You Said It!

"We selected Tingue, Brown because their people are experts in the dust and lint issues that laundries deal with every day."

--Bryant H. Dunivan, vice president of sales and marketing for Energenics









Corner Quotables

"The bigger the summer vacation the harder the fall."
-- Unknown

"Never spend your money before you have earned it."
-- Thomas Jefferson

"We know the past but cannot control it. We control the future but cannot know it."
-- Claude Shannon

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Asian Division Launched

In an ironic twist that even The Twilight Zone’s Rod Serling would appreciate, Chinese consumers and business purchasers alike recognize and often prefer the quality of American-made products to those produced on the mainland.

And though Tingue, Brown & Co. products have been serving throughout Asia for years, this increasing demand for top quality laundry products along with the recent growth in the hospitality and healthcare sectors in China and the Pacific Rim created a compelling reason to launch Tingue, Brown & Co. Asia.

From our new Hong Kong office and warehouse, we already stock a large portion of our flatwork ironer and other finishing equipment products. We're also offering the same expert services in product specification, installation and equipment maintenance as we have in America since 1902.

If you operate a laundry in Asia - or would like to - or if you manufacture a laundry product that would help Asian laundries, call Tingue, Brown & Co. Asia’s CEO Dan Koebel at USA 201.796.5456

Or think about a Global Partnership!

New! Control Dust and Lint Automatically

We are honored to announce that Tingue, Brown & Co. has been selected by Energenics Corp., Naples, Fla., as a worldwide distributor of the company’s dust and lint filtration equipment. We had been looking for a manufacturer of dependable, high quality equipment for years and Energenics had been looking for the most effective, efficient way to bring their newest technology to commercial laundry managers for just as long.

Tingue, Brown & Co. was selected by the manufacturer for the hands-on abilities and expertise of its sales team and its track record as a reputable organization with laundry experience spanning more than a century, according to Bryant H. Dunivan, vice president of sales and marketing for Energenics, which boasts a 35-year track record of its own.

See the AALF Lint Scrubber 8000. It's a UL-approved design that continuously captures dust and lint from flatwork ironers, feeders, folders and other equipment as well as from the ceiling.

My First Clean Show

I had grown up around the laundry industry but no amount of talk about flatwork ironers could have prepared me for the sights and sounds at Clean '81. I was in college and heard that Tingue, Brown & Co. had an extra pass so I jumped at the chance and drove from Birmingham to Atlanta the next day. The sheer magnitude and scale of the show was awesome but it was the action, the sound, the energy of the equipment in full operation in every aisle, everywhere you looked that I can still remember clearly to this day. Without online video demonstrations, downloadable literature and other tools we take for granted today, the show was one of the only ways manufacturers could show off their equipment. They needed to make a big splash and they did - big enough to draw me into the industry after graduation.

If anyone has an extra pass to the show in New Orleans, do the industry a favor and invite a student to see the show.

-- Ty Acton

Meet David Tingue at Clean ‘09

Meet David Tingue and many others from the Tingue, Brown & Co., Talley Machinery and Meese Orbitron Dunne Co. team at Clean ’09 booth #3213.

Plus free Tingue Swag from our treasure chest. Just stop by and open the chest for your free gift.

See how long Tingue, Brown & Co. has been serving the laundry industry.

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