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Volume 3, Number 2


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Apron Life
Donnie Weiland, who services south Texas for Tingue, Brown, notes that ironer operators all too often stretch their aprons out prematurely by over-pressuring via the harp take-up mechanism. Donnie suggests that all drive rolls should be covered with apron duck material to get sufficient pull so that the apron drives without the excess pressure. Donnie also warns not to attempt to guide the apron with the harp take-up mechanism. This, too, will prematurely stretch the apron. Use the guide mechanisms on the lower sides of the ironer. Call your Tingue, Brown representative for additional help.

National Wildlife magazine reports that Penn State University researchers have demonstrated that minced horseradish root can be used to remove various phenols from industrial wastewater. An enzyme in the condiment when added with peroxide to wastewater causes phenols to precipitate, allowing them to be removed by filtration. Purifying the wastewater of phenols can cost $37.87 per gallon versus just barely over $0.01 per gallon using minced horseradish. The research team also states that potatoes and radishes may also help in wastewater treatment. Help is on the way and Mother Nature is supplying it!

Tingue, Brown and Company's overwhelmingly successful Seminar Series that toured the U.S. this past Spring is now available on video cassette! Six hours of seminar material covering washroom chemistry, lubrication, production scheduling, flatwork finishing, fibers and fabrics, and steam utilization has been captured on a set of three video cassettes. They are currently in stock and ready for shipment for just $150.00 per set. Call your local Tingue, Brown office to order yours today!

Computerized P.M.
The Maintenance Minder is a computer software program that was developed by maintenance people to assist them in keeping records of their routine maintenance tasks in an orderly and timely fashion. This program is designed to give you an easy yet accurate way to record all of your preventive maintenance duties. To obtain a "Free Demo" of this user-friendly program, please call or write:
Lartron Technologies
P.O. Box 340453
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53234
(414) 325-9920 or (414) 729-0346

OSHA Update
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has recently published an updated 24 page catalogue listing nearly 200 products. A single free copy of "OSHA Publications and Audiovisual Programs" is available by calling (202) 219-4667.

More Safety!
Did you know that in 1993, unintentional workplace injuries accounted for $0.25 of every dollar of pretax corporate profits? This is according to a survey appearing in the 1994 edition of Accident Facts. A solution to this drain on profits is offered by the National Safety Council's new catalogue entitled "Safety, Health & Environmental Resources Catalogue." And it's FREE! by simply asking for it. Send your name and address to:
National Safety Council
1121 Spring Lake Drive
Itasca, Illinois 60143-9858

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The Corner Collection of Quarterly Quotables

From the Kids' Department, we found these interesting quotes:

7 year-old's discovery: "I've learned that you can't hide a piece of broccoli in a glass of milk."

"No mattter where you stand on the prayer-in-school issue, one truth cannot be denied: Children will pray as long as they get math tests."

"There would be fewer problems with children if they had to chop wood to keep the TV set going."

Ain't it the truth: "Nothing increases the size of the fish like fishing by yourself."

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