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Tingue is a global organization encompassing manufacturing, distribution, installation and marketing of hundreds of practical, innovative products for commercial laundries and a wide range of other markets.

Its roots date to the 1860's when the first incarnation of Tingue, headquartered in New Jersey, earned acclaim for manufacturing some of the finest, most durable fabrics in the world. With each successive generation, the Tingue name and brand grew increasingly recognized as symbols of integrity, loyalty and ingenuity as one product innovation followed another. In the 1970's, with the company firmly established as an iconic leader in the laundry and textile industries, Tingue pioneered the use of rotationally molded plastics in laundry, material handling and other industries. Tingue acquired several rotomolders including Meese, Inc., which became Meese Orbitron Dunne Co. (MOD) and is now named MODRoto, as it expanded globally and penetrated new markets. The 1991 acquisition of Talley Machinery Corp., a laundry parts and equipment manufacturer founded in 1902, marked the merging of two revered organizations that had helped drive the growth and modernization of the commercial laundry industry for more than a century.

Today, Tingue continues to thrive as a closely knit, family-owned and operated organization. Led by CEO David Tingue, Tingue's thriving operations include plastics molding, metal fabrication and machining, textile converting, product design and development and a host of other services. With hundreds of skilled, dedicated people, six centralized facilities and a never-ending commitment to research and development, Tingue consistently delivers on the golden reputation it has built since its founding in 1902.
The Tingue Family of Companies
Tingue, Brown & Co. laundry products
MOD laundry carts
Recycling containers and carts
Talley Machinery laundry parts and equipment
TBR Associates
Material handling containers
Meese Orbitron Dunne Co. rotomolding
Lighting products
Custom rotomolding and design services
MOD decorative pedestals
Luxury swimming pool products